Noah’s Ark Replica, Johan’s Ark, Crashes into Moored Coast Guard Vessel

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It’s difficult to tell what exactly caused the crash – other than shoddy navigation – but the end result was a giant hole smashed into the hull of the ship.

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

Owned by the Ark of Noah Foundation, the vessel was intended to cross the Atlantic to Rio de Janeiro for the Summer Olympic Games.

No animals were onboard during the collision.

Story via Coverage Mail:

The crash occurred in Oslo, Norway, Friday. A military patrol boat and the 230-foot long replica created by Dutch carpenter Johan Huibers, who reportedly used the Bible’s measurements, were damaged.

The last time we wrote about the Dutch ark that was built by Bible-besotted carpenter Johan Huibers, we wished it bon voyage and Godspeed.

Looks like the Almighty had other plans.

It’s OK. In the world of Christianity, another rift isn’t a big deal.

He said he would travel to Norway “with wood, nails and a hammer to repair it.” It’s probably too much to hope for that he uses the larger ark to do it.

Twitter wags were quick with the quips.

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