It looks like someone need to teach these two men that generators work a lot better at providing electricity than light polls when the power goes out.

Two men were arrested in Jacksonville, Florida, after someone reported seeing them with a power poll strapped to the roof of a Kia Sorrento. The arrest came on Wednesday, just two days after Hurricane Irma caused major damage in Jacksonville.

Victor Walter Apeler, 46, and Blake Lee Waller, 42, were arrested after an officer pulled them over in a traffic stop. It’s believed they were attempting to sell the poll, which was valued at $2,500, for scrap.

Officers discovered that Apeler had 72 scrap metal transactions with pawn shops since January.

It’s hard to imagine how either of the men thought this would turn out any other way than getting arrested. A 40-foot-long poll isn’t exactly inconspicuous — even if they did tie a makeshift shirt-flag to the back for safety.


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