NBA Legend Michael Jordan Catches Marlin In The White Marlin Open

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The Miami Marlins co-owner goes after the real deal

It looks like being the best NBA player to ever live isn’t going to stop MJ from pursuing other interests.

Michael Jordan caught a marlin after entering the White Marlin Open and showed off his angling skills.

Image: Marvinette M. Hale

Marvinette M. Hale captured a phot of Jordan, caught a photo of Jordan walking around the docks. Her son Wyatt Hale fished in the tournament on the boat Grande Prez.

Rumors that Jordan would be at the tournament had begun circling around earlier in the summer. Many questioned whether his boat being registered meant he’d show up or not.

He’s here? Where?

His attendance wasn’t exaggerated, but sightings were minimal at best.

“Who knows, he may never come here,” said Michael Peten of Lynchburg. “I mean, he’s not exactly known for his fishing. He’s probably just enjoying himself if he is out there. I know I would.”

The NBA Hall of Famer and his team had to sit out the first two days of the competition, but they went out on the third day.

“We heard he was here, so we came,” said Eddie Mackie of Pennsylvania. “I’m eager to see how good a fisherman he actually is!”

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Posted by Campos Media on Friday, August 9, 2019

They took his boat Catch 23 — an 80-foot Viking Jordan bought early this year — out on a wet and windy day when he caught his marlin.

Jordan’s and his boatmates, Michael Calabese and Danny Young all caught marlins that failed to qualify because they were under the 70-pound minimum. This took them out of the running for any daily or weekly prizes

Catch 23 was still able to move up to 65th place out of 404 boats that entered.

The six-time NBA champion wasn’t the only celebrity to make an appearance at the tournament. Famous chef Emeril Lagasse (Bam!) participated in the tournament and was spotted around towns.

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