What’s that strobing light? That’s the question many St. Louis residents are asking themselves after a mysterious flashing light was seeing hovering over the Gateway Arch last Tuesday. Many people immediately threw out that it was a UFO. Besides aliens, other theories include include beings from another dimension and spirits.

“I was sitting on my break just smoking a cigarette as normal and looking at the arch and the strobe light appeared,” Rhoads said in an interview. “Like I said, it didn’t fly over; it didn’t do anything like that. It just disappeared.”

“I’m not a big UFO person,” he continued. “… It’s definitely odd (for the light) to be dead center over a national monument like that. If that was the White House, people would be all over it.”

Rhoads filmed and posted his own footage to YouTube later that day:

In reality, the hovering light appears to be just what many have claimed – a UFO – meaning unidentified flying object, not aliens. Many have speculated it looks like a drone with a bright strobing LED mounted to it. Sometimes the right explanation is the simplest.



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