Mysterious ‘creature’ surfaces in River Thames

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Perhaps the Loch Ness Monster got lost?

In footage released just a few days ago, a passenger on the Emirates Air Line recorded video of a dark creature momentarily rising out of the River Thames, near the O2 arena in Greenwich, South East London.

The creature isn’t visible for long before it sinks back below the surface.

It was initially believed the video was a hoax, as it was released on April Fool’s Day.

While we would love to believe that the creature seen here is some sort of mythological dinosaur or monster, there’s a much more believable explanation out there – it’s a lost sperm whale.


And it wouldn’t be the first time a whale has been spotted in the river; nearly a decade ago, another whale was spotted swimming in the Thames, though that was the first whale found in the Thames in nearly 100 years.

However, researchers aren’t 100 percent convinced – Jamie Oliver, senior curator at Sea Life London Aquarium, told The Standard that he had “no idea what that could be, if it is an animal.”

Other online commenters say it looks like some sort of submarine.

Us? We’ll stick with Nessy’s cousin.

Check out the footage below!

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