Mousetrap from 1843 Shows Traps Used to Be a Lot More Complicated

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It turns out something being complicated doesn’t mean it’s more effective, especially in the case of mousetraps. Shawn Woods has a YouTube channel that focuses on different mousetraps, among other things.

Woods purchased this mousetrap from 1843 and  it’s a pretty incredible invention with all its moving parts and its ability to catch more than one mouse at a time. The only thing is, once one of the mice the gets into the trap during the test, the other mice quickly figure out how to get to the food without getting trapped. As far as effectiveness goes, modern mousetraps are much simpler and straightforward.

Once the mouse is removed from the trap, Woods releases the mouse since the trap isn’t actually meant to kill the mouse. Before he does it, he helps the mouse out by removing a botfly maggot that was burrowed into its body, making us realize botfly maggots are pretty gnarly.

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