Mountain Lion Blows Past Hunter, Taking Down A Deer He Had Been Watching

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If you spend enough time outdoors, you’re eventually going to experience wildlife and nature in ways you never imagined.

There are experiences that are common that nearly any outdoorsman has played witness to, but there are others that only a lucky few are ever fortunate enough to experience.

Ryan Headlee had just such an experience that was out of this world while out hunting. The British Columbia man was watching six does he came across on the side of the road while driving when a mountain lion came out of nowhere, ran past him and attacked one of the does before dragging it off.

“I’ll still be telling this story in 30 years to my grand-babies. Bitter cold November day today. I was out hunting with my buddy earlier this morning. He had to bail for family matters, so I took the long way home to scope out some new territory (and undeniably, to test out my new truck).

I got real lost in the mess of forest service roads and snow north of Kamloops Lake. I was hoping to catch my wife by phone before she started making dinner to see if she wanted to go out. Finally got ahold of her around 5pm after I passed Tranquille on the way back to Kamloops. Was talking to her on the Bluetooth, when I noticed 6 does on the side of the road. I got pretty close in the truck and was just checking them out when, all of a sudden, this mountain lion jumps out of the bush next to me with a loud snarl, and takes down a doe, throwing her to the road!

I scrambled for my phone to take a video, but all I could muster was a few pictures. The lion drug the deer off the road in the blink of an eye and was about 12’ over a little cliff from me. I watched the deer expire and I locked eyes with the cougar for a few minutes until a passing car scared him off.

What a feeling to witness such a rare event! The explosive power of this cougar really surprised me!

This is life in BC.”

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