Mike Rowe Discovers Drone Outside His Bedroom, Runs Outside While Naked To Shoot It Out Of The Sky

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Mike Rowe probably has a video somewhere of him outside of his bedroom, naked, waving around a shotgun. No, this has nothing to do with some kind of mental breakdown that being in the public eye causes some to experience. It has to do with an unknown individual, their drone and a serious breach of personal privacy.

Rowe awoke early one morning to a loud buzzing noise. He threw back his curtains (all of this occurred when he was half asleep and very naked) to discover a drone flying right over his bedroom and a camera pointed right at him. In an understandable rage, he grabbed a shotgun, ran outside and pointed it right at the drone. But he didn’t pull the trigger.

He instead realized how absolutely insane he’d look when the footage undoubtedly went viral because a deranged celebrity was blasting away drones in the sky while naked on their porch. He opted to shoot pictures with his phone instead and talked about his incident on Facebook. Still, somewhere out there, there’s a video of the guy from Dirty Jobs, in his birthday suit, as he’s standing on his porch with a gun, which Rowe fears may make a public appearance at some point in the future.


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