Microwaving .22 Caliber Ammo Ends Better Than Expected

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Microwaving old .22 caliber ammunition that’s been run through a blender sounds like a recipe for disaster. It turns out it takes a whole lot more to send a projectile flying through the air at hundreds of feet per second.

Video description from Mattv2099: more videos YouTube channel:

Will these destroyed rounds actually function in a hotpocket cooking apparatus – otherwise known as a microwave?!?!? These are the rounds I blended in my blender! They should be destroyed!!! how is this possible that they could work!!?!?! What happens if you put bullets in a microwave?! In the first episode of will it microwave we experimented with rimfire .22lr ammunition. Don’t worry people, I blended some crappy Winchester rounds that I was never going to shoot. The results were great! We got a primer strike and a bullet fired! Since the bullet is not in a barrel there is not enough pressurization for the bullet to eject the cartridge with enough force to cause any damage. Subsequently we asked the question What happens if you microwave bullets? I bet it tastes like freedom and hot pockets! Starting with 22lr we do it and find out! Will they explode like little grenades? will the bullets shoot and hit something far away? Will the entire mess erupt into a fireball? This is part three where we answer the obvious questions. will they still shoot?

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