Man Tased 3 Times During Arrest After Being Caught Illegally Fishing

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Derrick Lee Williams must’ve really wanted those fish since he was tased three times for resisting arrest for his illegal fishing activities.

Williams, 31, a Pahokee man, was discovered on December 30 by a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer, as he was using a cast net to reportedly fish for Black crappie. FWC officer Bradley Toby discovered Williams using a cast net to catch the freshwater fish, before announcing his presence to Williams.

Williams decided to throw his net down and run for it, which caused Toby to deploy his taser three times on him. The first two strikes were either ineffective or didn’t cause Williams to comply, which required a third strike, which hit him in the thigh.

While being put into the patrol car, Williams wasn’t done yet, as he kicked officer Toby in the chest, further adding to his stupid mistakes.

The crazy thing is that Williams had been arrested before for the same thing by the same officer in the same month. Officer Toby had arrested Williams on December 14 after he had fled while being questioned for using a cast net to fish off of the Highway 441 Bridge in Canal Point. Williams eventually complied with the officer, didn’t get violent and avoided being tased.


Unfortunately for Williams, he didn’t learn from his mistakes and he failed to make things easier on himself the second time.

Freshwater fish may only be caught with pole and line or a rod and reel, according to the FWC.

Maybe Williams should’ve bought himself a fishing rod for Christmas and saved himself the trouble.

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