Man Illegally Duck Hunts … in a Cemetery

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File this under – You Can’t Make This Up. From the, Michael Edmonds was arrested after he illegally fired shots at the Taylor City Cemetery in Williamson County.

“He said he was shooting at a duck because the season was about to end and he wanted to bag a duck,” said  Taylor Police Cmdr. Joseph Branson. Edmonds apparently missed the duck, Branson said, because he didn’t have it with him when officers stopped him.

It is illegal to hunt with any weapon in the city-owned cemetery, or anywhere else in the city Branson said. “You can’t always see who is there,” he said.

Edmonds was booked into the Williamson County Jail on Sunday and released Monday after posting bail set at $1,500.

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs on such a “unique” story if we didn’t include a link to the most famous “duck hunt” of all time to fully justify the whackiness of this story!


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