Man Flies off Water Slide onto Rocky Cliff on Video

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It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt – or until they break their arm and fracture their ribs.

David Salmon knows this all too well after his unfortunate encounter with a water slide in Austin. Caught on video, it starts off like your standard slide. That all changes when Salmon builds momentum and is hurtled off the edge and onto rocks after taking sharp curve.

Though it appears Salmon did try to slow down, his efforts didn’t prove useful. The distance he fell after going over the side isn’t clear, although it was enough to cause a fair amount of damage.

“Too dang old to be going down water slides,” Salmon wrote. “Fell off this one that is over a rocky cliff.”

Salmon will not need surgery, despite multiple injuries.

He was transported by ambulance (his first time being in one) to a hospital in Round Rock where he was to be released back home to Dallas after one more night.

It’s safe to say this will be his last time on a waterslide, but he made it count.


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