Man Fined $10,000 for Killing 11-Point Buck

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Shooting an 11-point buck would typically be a cause for celebration for the hunter, but in this case it’s probably one of the decisions he regrets most in his life after it resulted in a $10,000 fine.

Clarence Robertson, of New Marker, Tenn., bagged an 11-point buck from his driveway on Thanksgiving morning. Unfortunately for the 63-year-old, he didn’t have permission to hunt in the hayfield in which he killed the deer.

$10,000 is an incredibly steep fine, but it comes as the result of legislation enacted that increases financial penalties for killing big game illegally. The minimum fine is $1,000 and increases by $750 for every point on the buck. These new rules ended up costing Robertson $9,250 fine in addition to $269 in court fees and another $50 fine.

Wildlife officer Wayne Rich, who seized the buck and gave it a rough Boone and Crockett Club score of 143 6/8, says it’s the biggest he’s seen in Jefferson County.

The buck ended up being donated to charity after the Jefferson County High School Future Farmers of America Hunters for the Hungry paid for the processing of the deer.


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