Mama Gator Leads Parade of Baby Gators Across Golf Course into New Pond

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Alligator sightings don’t generally cause people to “ooh and aah” over them, but that’s just what happened when an army of baby gators were slowly ushered across a golf course by their mother.

The adorable sighting was captured by Sharon Whiting, who has been watching the reptile family since the babies were born in February. So when Whiting noticed the mother was moving the babies to a new pond, she quickly got out her camera and started recording.

The dozen or so babies do eventually make it to the other side of the course, but they took their sweet time in doing so.

“It took her all day as she had golfers to contend with,” said Whiting. “I stayed and video taped them, hiding behind the palm trees.”

They all eventually make it to the pond and the mother slips into the water, leading the way for her youngins.


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