Lake Superior Ice Stacking Creates Out of this World Sight

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It’s best to watch your step and tread very carefully on an iced over Lake Superior

Dawn LaPointe caught some crazy footage of ice stacking on Lake Superior while in Duluth, Minnesota. One half of Radiant Spirit Gallery, a husband and wife photography team, LaPointe decided to check out Brighton Beach when she noticed that ice had pulled away from the shore while originally shooting in Canal Park. The results did not disappoint:

“As the water opened up, the sea smoke was whisked across the surface by the breeze. The sparkles visible in some segments were from the sun gilding the frost flowers that had formed on top of the new ice overnight — icing on the cake!” she wrote on Facebook.

Ice formations experience a wide range of appearances depending on freezing conditions around the Great Lakes. From pancake ice to ice chandeliering, the possibilities are nearly endless. The ice froze in a sheet in this case, crashing together at different speeds on the shore and creating this gorgeous sight.



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