Killer Whale Pod Charges Swimmers, Forcing Them to Climb on Rocks for Safety

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We may have to worry about sharks from time to time down here in Florida, but luckily we don’t ever have the problem of being hunted down by a pod of killer whales.

Robin Léveillé recently recorded footage at Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver, Canada, that shows an orca pod charging a bluff right towards two people. They quickly noticed the whales and climbed onto the bluff as quickly as possible.

Even though the footage appears like these two swimmers narrowly escaped with their lives, orcas are naturally very curious and have rarely attacked humans, so there’s a good chance they weren’t planning on attacking anyone. Still, it’s a good idea these two didn’t test that theory.

“I think it was pure curiosity,” said whale researcher Alisa Schulman-Janiger, who works at the California Killer Whale Project. “I just think they were super curious and taking a close look and then on their way.”

WARNING: Video Contains Brief Language


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