Kangaroo Adopted by Police Survives Eagle Attack, Makes International Headlines

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An adopted kangaroo, named Cuejo, in outback Western Australia has had a tough first six months of life. Initially adopted by Scott Mason, a police constable, after its mother was killed in March after getting hit by a vehicle.

Things were looking up – he had a new family, internet fame and all the doughnuts he could want – then came the eagle.

The baby kangaroo was minding its own business, playing outside at the Burringurrah Community Police Station when, all of a sudden, and eagle swooped in and started to carry him away.

Luckily Mason witnessed the entire thing and didn’t hesitate to chase after them.


“I ended up chasing after him and the eagle,” he said.

“A short distance away the eagle landed with Cuejo and another eagle, which was circling over as well, started pecking or having a go at Cuejo.”

Officer Mason knew he has to act quick.

“I managed to scare the eagles away, and then Cuejo got up and obviously being frightened he started running away again,” Constable Mason said.

The eagles continued their pursuit of the terrified Cuejo with Mason following closely behind.

“I finally caught up with him a few hundred metres down the way and found out that he was bleeding quite heavily,” he said.

Image: itv.com

Image: itv.com

“He has a puncture wound to his chest and another puncture wound to his face, as well as heaps of fur pulled off the back of his neck.”

The constable wasted no time in treating the little marsupial’s injuries with past medical training.

“Being out in Burringurrah there’s nothing available — no vets — so I went to the nursing post and got a whole lot of Betadine, sutures and everything that we could utilise,” he said.

Mason called in for help from additional vets he knew and was able to patch Cuejo up.

“He’s just started getting back up and is feeding, he hasn’t fully recovered.”

We’re hoping or a speedy recovery for you, Cuejo. Hopefully you don’t have any eagles in your immediate future.

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