Jack Russell Terrier Falls Overboard Wearing Life Jacket; Rescued by Boaters Hours Later

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If every dog has his day then this incredibly lucky Jack Russel Terrier certainly had his when he was found floating around, lost in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday.

The JRT, named “Jägermeister,” was discovered by two couples, the Knechts and the Sahrs, celebrating their anniversaries as they were on their way to Hernando beach when they noticed something in the water. At first, Bruce Knecht thought it might be a bouey in the water until he realized it was moving.

“I thought it was a buoy and I said, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s something moving,” said Knecht.

The couples soon realized it was a tiny dog with a small life vest that was keeping him afloat.

“You just saw his little nose sticking up out of the water,” said Shawn Sahr.

Image: dailymail.co.uk

Image: dailymail.co.uk

The dog swam right over when it saw the boat and Shawn’s husband, Michael Sahrs, pulled the dog in. Upon radioing the Coast Guard, the families were told someone had reported a dog missing almost three hours ago.

When the two families brought the dog to the nearest Coast Guard station, his owner had recently arrived.

“When the owner came in, he was screaming the dog’s name,” said Knecht.

“Which was Jagermeister!” added Bruce’s wife, Robin Knecht.

Joey Myrick [the owner] had no hope left of finding his dog until he received the call that someone had found one in the Hernando beach area.

Image: Fox13

Image: Fox13

“He had tears. He said, ‘I had given up. I had searched as long as I could and we just couldn’t see him, and we just thought we lost him,'” said Shawn Sahr. ” Myrick said, ‘it’s my baby and I’m just so glad.'”

Thankfully these boaters were in the right place at the right time and Jaegermeister was wearing an animal life vest or this would’ve been a completely different story.



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