Brining in a 41-inch catfish is impressive by any standard. When you’re 10-years-old AND it’s on a crowded pier full of onlookers cheering you on? That’s a legendary story in the making.

The girl, Sasha Wheeler of Grand Haven, MI, is already ‘a 12-time master angler whose other notable catches have included a 41-inch Chinook Salmon, a 30-inch freshwater drum and a 36-inch common carp,’ reports Michigan Live.

Her father, fishing buddy and teacher, Brooks Wheeler, says the fish will qualify Sasha for her 13th Master Angler patch. His only advice for his daughter? She fought the fish faster than he would have liked. It can be a mistake to bring in a fish too quickly, especially when they have a lot of fight in them.

“She’s just pulling as hard as she can,” Brooks Wheeler said. “That hook, I can’t believe that stayed in there.”

With Sasha’s record, we expect big things from this up-and-coming angler in the future.


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