Incredible Jumping Shark Footage Captured By Amazed Fishermen

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Taylor Danowski and his friends witnessed something pretty incredible while fishing off the coast of Indian Rocks Beach. At some point during their time fishing, they saw a shark swim under them. Luckily for them and for us, they decided to take a chance at catching it. They ended up hooking the shark, which put on quite the show as it kept into the air with a hang time that’d put Michael Jordan to shame.

“I think the reason was that it was so intense for us and why we’re freaking out was because the shark was so big, I mean it was literally 14 feet, like a 1,200-pound animal, and it’s jumping 20 feet in the air right by the boat,” Danowski said.

Here's a little clip from the mako today, got the whole video from him eating to releasing it. Pretty insane to see a shark get that much hang time, 55 ft off Indian rocks!!

Posted by Taylor Danowski on Sunday, January 15, 2017

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