GRAPHIC: Muzzleloader Barrel Explosion Causes the Most Painful Injury We’ve Ever Seen


We’ve seen our fair share of painful injuries, but this gruesome hunting accident caused by a barrel explosion has to be the most painful we’ve seen.

A lot of things can go wrong when hunting, that’s why safety is so important. The last thing anybody wants is to be injured while deep in the mountains, where immediate help isn’t something they’ll find without making a trek.

Unfortunately, no matter how many precautions we take, things can still go wrong. This incident where a hunter nearly lost his hand is a great example of just how bad things can go.

The unidentified man will have to have his thumb fully amputated, but doctors are hoping to save the mobility in his other digits.

It all happened when the hunter saw a coyote and was presented with a shot he couldn’t pass up. He had no way of knowing that pulling the trigger to take out that coyote would change his life forever. As soon as he took the shot, the barrel of his Savage 10ML II muzzleloader exploded. The resulting damage is both painful and hard to look at, you’ve been warned:

WARNING: Extremely GRAPHIC Content Ahead




WARNING: Extremely GRAPHIC Content Ahead





We’re hoping for a speedy recovery for this guy and that he’ll find a way to get back out in the woods again to do what he loves.

Rumors have gone around saying everything from a double load caused the injury to barrel failure. There’s no way of knowing exactly what went wrong, just that it did.

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