Hunters Monster 441-Pound Boar Kill Goes Viral

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Pat Martin knew boars could get huge, but he has no idea how insanely massive they could get until he killed a 441-pounder on his family’s property in Saskatchewan.

Like any hunter would do after getting their target, Pat kneeled for a quick picture of the beast that was nearly triple his size.

Pat knew his the wild hog was an impressive kill because of its sheer size. That still didn’t prepare him for how quickly word of his prized pig would spread online.

“Watching other people’s reactions to it, people were kind of disturbed by the picture,” Martin said.

Thought wild hogs are an invasive species, he wasn’t hunting them to get rid of a threat since his family hasn’t had any problems with them. He instead said he chose to hunt them because they have a lot of meat and “they’re good eating.”

Just how much meat will he get out of his prized hog? About 100 pounds.

“That’s a lot of sausage,” says Martin as he discusses his plans on what he’s going to do with the meat.


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