Hunter Falls Out Of A Tree Stand And His Wedding Ring Nearly Takes Off His Finger

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Hunting may be a fun and incredible experience, but there’s no denying that accidents are bound to happen while out in the woods. Animal encounters and weapon malfunctions are probably the most thought about hunting-related injuries, but there’s one that anyone who’s married or wears a ring might not consider – having your finger ripped off because your ring got caught on a tree stand.

There aren’t a whole lot of details besides that this hunter was in a tree stand accident. He had apparently slipped from his tree stand, but his ring tried to save the day by holding on. It didn’t turn out so well for the hunter or his ring finger.

WARNING: Graphic Content

Take our advice and learn from this mans mistake! Leave your ring in the truck or at home. There’s also always the option to get one of those silicone wedding bands for situations just like this. A QALO can be a real lifesaver in the case that your ring ever snags something while falling.

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