House Cat Epicly Photobombs Live News Report About a Big Cat Sighting

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Talk about perfect timing!

David Sluder recently posted a video of a large cat he captured outside of a Wendy’s in Mississippi that quickly went viral. He wasn’t quite sure what it was at the time but it looks like it was most likely a cougar.

Flash forward a couple of days and Scott Masaus with Fox13 Memphis does a live tease for the story coverage that would start later that night. In the middle of the tease, Masaus and the crew spot an unexpected guest.

“I’m Scott Madaus, live in Hernando, Mississippi where there have been spottings of a cougar,” he said into the camera. “And that’s not it, that looks like a house cat,” as the camera panned to a cat and stayed there.

As far as news teases go, this one was absolutely incredible and it’s easy to see why it went viral.

“Not really sure how my live tease made social media let alone international social media. But here you go if you didn’t catch it,” said Madaus in a post.

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