Hockey Players Day Off: NHL Players Catch Giant White Sturgeon When They Have A Break

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What do professional hockey players do on their day off? For Winnipeg Jets defenseman Dustin Byfuglien, and left winger Matt Hendricks, they catch gigantic fish when they have a day off from the NHL.

Byfuglien and Hendricks hit the Fraser River in British Columbia during their day off. There they met up with Sturgeon Slayers for a guided fishing trip. The results are pretty impressive to say the least:

They ended up catching one monster of a white sturgeon.

The fish was  “9-foot-9 to the fork of the tail. The total length would have been well over 10 feet, but we don’t measure full length (in British Columbia),” said Kevin Estrada, owner of Sturgeon Slayers.

They held on to the fish long enough for a quick photo op before releasing it so it could potentially make someone else’s day, or life, because a sturgeon that size is “definitively a lifetime fish,” says Estrada.

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