Here’s How a Stunning Photo of a Rock Climber During the Total Eclipse Was Captured

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While most people were worried about finding a pair of glasses for the eclipse earlier this week, adventure photographers Ted Hesser and Andrew Studer were figuring out how to create the perfect photo.

From the viral image that followed, we’d say they accomplished what they set out for with their silhouetted image of climber Tommy Smith at the top of a rock spire with the total eclipse right behind him.

It may just be one photo, but an insane amount of work and preparation went into creating this iconic moment that was so perfect many assumed it was fake.

Days of planning and setup were required after Hesser and Studer traveled to Smith Rock State Park in Oregon and decided where would be the best spot to take the picture. Once eclipse day arrived, the photographers had to battle crowds and Smith had to make a 350-foot climb up Monkey Face, the rock tower, which he only reached the top of with a few minutes to spare.

This just goes to show that there’s often a lot more work that goes into taking a great picture than the instant the shutters take to open and close.

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