Hammock Campers Can Rest Easy With This New Sleeping Pad

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Anyone who’s ever slept in a hammock for long periods of time knows that, while they are comfortable, a little padding could go a long way. The solution seems easy enough – just use a sleeping pad. Tons of backpackers make use of sleeping pads every single day, so why not use them for hammocks, right?

The downside of most sleeping pads and hammocks is that they go together about as well as fish and ice-cream. Sleeping pads are nearly impossible to get setup just right inside a hammock. If the you’re lucky and manage to get everything set up just right, the sleeping pad will be halfway out from under you in a matter of a few minutes if you move around.

Once that pad comes out from under a camper, it’s amazing how fast even a sweltering hot day can turn into a chilly night without any insulation from the ground. Thanks to the Hammock V by Klymit, it looks like many of the hammock sleepers frustrations will soon be forgotten.

Built specifically with hammock campers in mind, the Hammock V offers all of the things backpackers look for in a sleeping pad – it’s lightweight, compact and comfortable. Other awesome features that set it apart are a non-slip coating on the top and bottom (no more sliding out from under you) that keeps it right where you want it, it fits into almost any hammock snuggly and it inflates fast.

One of the most interesting features are the special wings that run along the side of the hammock. Once you get inside the hammock, these wings wrap around you and block out breezes that would’ve otherwise kept you cold and uncomfortable.

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