Guy Consumes $600 in Seafood, Doesn’t Pay and Runs to the Ocean to Join the Population He Just Destroyed

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If there’s ever a seafood shortage at your favorite Australian restaurant, you probably have Terry Peck to thank. The “aspiring rapper” (we’re using that incredibly loosely) ate $621 worth of seafood at restaurant and then just ran to the ocean and proceeded to swim away.

Peck, who goes by “2Pec” didn’t just rack up an insane bill by eating a couple ounces of some high dollar caviar either. He choked down two lobsters, 21 vodka oyster shots, a baby octopus and topped it all off with some beers.

Now, that sounds like a meal that would ruin most people – financially and physically – but not Peck. Whether he was too drunk to understand the tradition of paying for your food, or he just didn’t care, Peck booked it as soon as he sucked down his last shellfish.

This would be anger inducing if it weren’t so impressive. Most people would need a nap and some counseling after watching a single human-being eat half that in one sitting, but not ole “2Pec”. He ran to the ocean, probably to eat more while he was at it.

Peck, who was on parole at the time of the insane feast was eventually caught by cops on jet skis.

After hearing about the sizable meal he ate, Magistrate Joan White, who granted Peck bail, exclaimed: “My God! By himself?”

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