There’s nothing quite like land-based shark fishing. From start to finish, it’s a battle that can take some serious will to just keep fighting. That’s especially true when what you’re reeling in turns out to be a 14-foot-long monster hammerhead shark like this one right here!

A Texas man and 14-foot hammerhead shark dueled on the beaches of South Padre Island, Texas this past weekend and what resulted were a couple unbelievable pictures, a lot of donated shark meat, and one less monster beneath the waves of the Gulf of Mexico.

In truth, hammerhead sharks don’t attack human beings, and Poco Cedillo, the Texas man who caught the shark off the coast of south Texas, did not actually want to kill the hammerhead. Rather, the point was to catch and release. But according to a Facebook post from Cedillo, despite his best efforts to release the shark, it was too exhausted from the catch to swim back out into the ocean.

While leadering it we noticed she was very tired so we quickly took pics, got a length measurement, took the hook out and did all we could to get her released. All that only took around 3-5 min while it still in plenty deep water. At the time we didn’t bother getting a girth, fork length or even tried tagging her. Our main focus was to get her released quickly. Well after 30-40 min of us holding her up into the current in 3-4’ of water we were faced with accepting the fact that she was done. We were so tired, shark rashed and disappointed that it sucked the excitement right out of us for a while.

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