Grinning Lemon Shark is Real Life Bruce From ‘Finding Nemo’

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When someone smiles at you, it typically brightens your day. When a shark smiles at you, it will probably scare the pants off of you because it clearly wants to eat you, right?


The Image of the smiling shark was captured by Kenneth MacWilliams while he was diving with Emerald Charters scuba group. Regardless of how intimidating the shark my look – smiling or not – lemon sharks are pretty friendly when it comes to ocean divers.

“Shark diving can of course be quite exciting because of the possibility of seeing these big, powerful, potentially dangerous, beautiful animals of nature. But, with a bit of common sense, coupled with an experienced crew, the inherent dangers can be mitigated quite a bit,” says MacWilliams.

The only other question is – where’s Dory and Marlin?



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