A golden eagle has been filmed attacking and killing a sika deer in the Russian Far East. Golden eagles have been known to hunt large mammals but predation of an ungulate species in this area of the world has never been documented. Linda Kerley with the Zoological Society of London inadvertently captured the images while studying Amur tigers and leopards.



Golden Eagle Attacking Sika Deer Photos © Linda Kerley / ZSL

Project Background: http://goo.gl/rqmDXI

Linda L. Kerley and Jonathan C. Slaght. First Documented Predation of Sika Deer (Cervus nippon) by Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) in Russian Far East. Journal of Raptor Research Sep 2013 : Vol. 47, Issue 3, pg(s) 328-330 doi: 10.3356/JRR-12-00008.1

Gold Eagles Flying Footage © Ross Dean Mitchell http://goo.gl/oNbK0x

Amur Tiger Footage © bombalurina http://goo.gl/xQhQm3

Music: Intro: Brett Donnelly – Action Sting http://goo.gl/v7gaV

Soundtrack: Bealeg — T wie Tee http://goo.gl/erLJ6Z


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