A photo of a 13-year-old girl on a fishing trip has been making the Facebook rounds this past week, and not because anyone caught a monster fish – though the brother did catch a big one.

The actual picture is a selfie that Haley Ogletree (the girl in the photo) took in the vehicle while her brother was in the background. What has made this photo so perplexing is that their is a man who appears to be translucent or “ghost like” to the right of her brother. However the mystery man ended up in the picture, he certainly looks happy about something.

If this were real, it’d definitely cause room for concern, freaking out or just never going back to that spot again. The photo has its share of detractors and supporters. Some are saying it looks pixelated and is photoshopped for sure while others are saying they’ve had something similar happen.

Is it real? Maybe. Is it a ghost? Doubtful. You be the judge.



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