Friendship Between Diver and Fish Still Going Strong After 25 Years

Imagine a friendship that lasted for 25 years. Any time you were near each other, you would seek the other out. This isn’t a story of lifelong friends from school or a marriage that’s still going strong, it’s the story of a man and a fish – diver Hiroyuki Arakawa and a sheepshead wrasse named Yoriko to be more specific.

Arakawa manages a local Shinto shrine in Japan that’s only accessible underwater. It just so happens that every time he goes under, Yoriko is there to greet him with a loving – i.e. terrifying – familiar face.

All of this prompts the question – do fish feel? Do they have feelings?

Recent studies from last year appear to support that they just might. Zebrafish were found to experience an increase in body temperature when exposed to stressors – if that’s the case, I wonder how they felt about this?

Whether fish actually experience emotions or not, never has there been a sea duo like this since Willy and that kid who made him jump that barrier.



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