8.7 Billion Gallons of Water Filled Lake Tahoe in Two Days

Image: ironman.com

Lake Tahoe is on its way to being better than ever. After several good months of additional water coming into the lake it received 8.7 billion gallons over the course of two days.

That’s right, thanks to a recent slew of winter storms in late 2016 and early 2017, the lake has taken on a whole lot of water and risen to its natural level. The two day period lasted from December 9 to the 11 and dropped 8,690,131,707 gallons – or 13,158 Olympic size swimming pools – of high quality H2O into the lake. 

Since the start of 2017, the lake has gained an additional 40 billion gallons of water, according to the National Weather Service. The lake is currently sitting at 6,225.2 feet, beating the level of 6,222.1 feet from this time last year. That’s over three feet.

This increase has cause the second deepest lake in the United States to rise by a total of three feet. Considering the surface area of Lake Tahoe is 191 square miles, three feet is a lot.

With an estimated 100-plus billion gallons of the 39 trillion gallons in the lake leaving it every year, these increases are much needed for the lake to remain at healthy levels.

The greatest thing about these increases may be for Nevada and Southern California, which have been experiencing a terrible drought for the last few years. It looks like the residents in these areas will hopefully have it a little easier.

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