Forget Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Bicycle Paddle Boarding Is Here!

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It was only a matter of time before someone decided to take a paddle board and combine it with some mixture of a bicycle (apparently) and a StairMaster. That may sound strange, but I’ve seen a couple of these things in action and they’re the perfect way to leisurely cruise the water. Whatever your thoughts on this bicycle paddle board, it sure beats working out your legs on dry land.

The board, named the Hobie Mirage Eclipse, is from the same company that created the MirageDrive, which made it possible to propel a kayak forward with the power of your legs. The Mirage Eclipse has done just that for paddle boarding.

“We adapted our time tested MirageDrive to work with our industry leading stand up paddleboards,” explains Director of Engineering Jim Czarnowski.

“We designed the Mirage Eclipse so anyone from a beginner to a more athletic expert user can all have a great experience,” Jim says.

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