If our school had been like this when we were growing up, we wouldn’t have known what a sick day was. That’s especially true since the main reason we wanted to stay home from school was to do stuff like this!

West Rise Junior, this awesome school in England (we’re going to go ahead and call it the best school ever) teaches kids how to survive in the outdoors. Kids will learn anything from building a fire, to shooting and even field dressing animals. The man in charge of it all, Mike Fairclough, is described by students as, “the best headteacher there is,” and we’re inclined to agree.

Despite learning all about the outdoors on a firsthand basis, the students also learn using traditional methods. For anyone thinking this idea couldn’t possibly produce successful students, West Rise Junior gets the best exam scores in the area and won the 2015 T.E.S. Primary School of the Year.

We love this idea – obviously! The more kids learn about the actual world around them, the better off they’ll be. The real world doesn’t take place in a classroom, so why should learning?

“We’re about giving children real experiences, giving them a lust for life, and giving them a passion for life as well,” said Fairclough.


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