If cruise ships are just too crowded for you, but you still want to sleep while floating in the ocean, these spherical floating hotel rooms may be for you.

The floating hotel rooms are actually part of Japan’s Huis Ten Bosch theme park, which is a 42,000 square foot recreation of Holland right in the heart of Nagasaki. The park already has hotels in it that range from a capsule hotel robot themed one. However, this floating hotel is by far the most interesting.

The pods have two floors that can comfortably house four people. The top portion contains the bedroom while the lower portion houses a living area and the bathroom.

The pods aren’t available to rent yet, but they should be by the end of the year. For a nightly price of $266-$355 you can sleep in a floating ball and wake up each morning on a new uninhabited island. The future is full of surprises.


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