Watch Angler Catch the Bass You Wish You Caught Right Off the Bank

Image via Ty PigPatrol
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Who needs a boat when this angler caught lifetime bass on solid ground?

A round of golf isn’t the only leisure activity that people should head to the course for.

Ty PigPatrol was fishing along the bank of a golf course when he recorded some epic footage of a massive bass he caught off the bank.

The angler was having a great day of fishing while snatching bass up from the pond. Several of the fish he reels in is catches that most anglers would be more than happy to snag.

His last cast managed to make all of the previous fish he caught look like sardines in comparison.

He nearly had reeled his line all the way in when he felt a monster hit on the other end. It was obvious he knew this wasn’t like anything else he had caught.

Ty realizes the bass is likely pushing double digits while he’s reeling it in. It puts up a struggle, but he finally gets his hands on it.

There’s no doubt the bass is well over 10 pounds as Ty picks it up to show the camera. He says it feels like it’s probably a 12-pounder.

We’re inclined to agree, especially judging from the size of the belly on that thing!

  • 31

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