This Man Built A House On Top Of A Pond So He Can Fish Whenever He Wants

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Those early mornings at the boat ramp just got way easier!

Most people would call the closest plumber if they realized they could fish from their living room.

Paul Phillips decided his dream home would have fishing built into it — or under it.

He built his house right on top of a pond so he can fish anytime he wants to.

“I love to fish, I fish every day,” says Phillips.

Even the pond was part of his master plan. He dug it out himself before constructing his fishing palace.

If you build it, they will come … and you can catch them!

A trap door that Phillips built into his floor in his living room allows access to all the fishing he wants.

If you can’t go to the fish, bring the fish to you

Phillips built his house on the water so no one can stop him from fishing since some of his favorite places to fish didn’t always give him access.

“One of these days I’ll have a place of my own where nobody can tell me I can’t fish there.”

He made that happen by renting a backhoe, digging out a pond, and hiring a contractor to build his 1,850 square foot house.

His neighbors are even big fans of his setup.

“The lady next door, she just loves to fish. And this lady here, she can’t wait until spring to get here so she can hear the frogs a hollerin’.”

She might not have to wait too long before she has a chance at owning it herself.

Phillips says his next goal is to sell the house to build a bigger house on a bigger pond.

We’re not sure what all the types of fish are that he’s loading the pond up with, but we’d like to spend a few weekends figuring it out.

  • 57

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