Happiest Fisherman Ever: 10-Year-Old Catches Personal Best Bass And Can’t Stop Celebrating

Image via Ke'mari Cooper Youtube
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Any catch is a catch worth celebrating; just follow this kids’ lead after his personal best bass!

It’s easy to get caught up in the chase of catching a bigger fish than the next angler. Chasing a big fish for the heck of it can take away from the joy of catching a great fish in the first place if you let it. This kids’ reaction to his personal best bass will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Ke’mari Cooper isn’t letting the chase of being better than someone else stop him from experiencing the joy of fishing. He’s happy with just catching a bass that’s bigger than others that he’s caught.

Cooper doesn’t lose any excitement when it comes time to release his personal best bass, either. He gets about 100 times more excited if anything.

“Let’s put this beauty back in the water,” Cooper says as he releases the bass. “My personal best, I hope you grow even bigger, baby!”

That’s how you talk to a bass! Let them know exactly what you expect of them when you catch them the next time.

Every personal best should bring angler’s this much joy

Everything about Cooper’s reaction makes us want to get out and go fishing. He’s just 10-years-old and he already has the fishing game figured out!

“I hope you go back and be better,” he continues as he sends the bass off. “One day we’re gonna meet back again. I’ll see you later.”

Cooper’s personal best bass comes in at seven pounds. He didn’t break a world record, but he smashed his personal best bass and his reaction is the reaction we all wish we had when we catch a fish.

Here’s to looking forward to seeing more epic catches and reactions from this kid as he continues to fish.

We hope you enjoyed this young man’s personal best bass as much as he (and we) did.

  • 306

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