Bass Boat Accident Ejects High School Angler, Fellow Students Come To Rescue

Image via Jasper Vikings Fishing Team Facebook
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Fast-acting students helped a bad situation from getting worse

An accident at Lay Lake resulted in a high school student on the Jasper Vikings Fishing Team getting ejected from their boat.

The boat was carrying four people when it hit a stump while traveling through the water, ejecting the student.

“One of our anglers was thrown from the boat,” said the Jasper Vikings Fishing Team in a Facebook post. “Thank the Lord that team member was wearing his PFD as well as the other angler. The captain had his life vest and kill switch on as well. This is why we talk about safety at every event we go to.”

Cole Kelley received a call from his coach saying a fellow teammate had been thrown from his boat.

“We just saw a few ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, coming in, we just didn’t really think much about it. Just thought maybe someone fell in and got hypothermia,” said Kelley.

“Just 10 minutes in that and you can get hypothermia. It is very dangerous out there if you are wet,” he continued.

Kelley rushed over to help but arrived to find a competing team from another school that was already helping.

The right place at the right time

Clay Central High Schoolers Cody Moore and Brantley Bearden raced to the scene after they heard a crash. They sprang into action once they got to the crash and saw what happened.

Very proud of our team that competed at Lay Lake yesterday. Unfortunately, we had one of our boats hit a stump while…

Posted by Jasper Vikings Fishing Team on Sunday, December 15, 2019

“They were actually the first responders there, they were the ones who got ahold of our coach to get him there, they were great, they helped the medical staff and all. They were just awesome,” said Nick Keeton, another member of the Jasper team.

“He probably swam 50 yards to where he fell out from the boat, and we got him and put him up on our boat,” said Brantley Bearden.

They quickly removed the angler’s wet clothes and tried to keep him warm.

“We just tried to calm them down. Obviously they were upset too. Walked them to the ambulance and everything. Gave them some clothes that we had because they were wet and needed some warm clothes,” Kelley said.

Everyone involved in the boat crash are reported to be fine.

Vikings teammates are thankful that the other team helped out how they did.

“It took time out of their fishing too, just like ours, so I would like to thank them for that and it is a big deal taking 3 hours out of your fishing time to help another team,” said Wilkes Hill, a Vikings team member.

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