Fishermen’s Dream Drone: Water-proof, Fish Finder, Camera, Line Casting, and More

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There are tons of products out there that claim they will make you a better fisherman, that they’ll finally give you the leg up on everyone and everything else. Few of them deliver. The AquaDrone hopes to be a product worthy of its claims.

A 100% water-proof drone, the AguaDrone features a built-in fish finder, integrated camera, the capability of equipping a line casting pod and it even drops bait.

The AguaDrone recently debuted on Kickstarter and we’ll be waiting eagerly to see if it finds success reaching its $69,000 goal.

The team working on AguaDrone had a simple mission: to make an easy to use drone that was more capable than other drones out there that is easy to maintain.

From the looks of it, they’ve accomplished what they set out to do.

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