Fisherman Spends 20-minutes Under Ice, Miraculously Brought Back to Life

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It’s a story that defies reality. Josh Johnson spent 20-minutes laying at the bottom of Little Rock Lake on November 15, 2013. Johnson was an avid ice-fisherman and left about 7a.m. to go fishing leaving behind his 5-month pregnant wife. After a few hours fishing he packed up in the warming sun and made his way to the shore. He never made it.

At 11:55 a.m., according to the sheriff’s report and, Johnson slipped below the surface. The fire department supplied the boat with a hook, which the men dragged along the bottom of the lake until they happened to snag Johnson’s leg. The hook sunk into his boot, and rescuers pulled him from the lake upside down. Sabraski said he still remembers Johnson’s blue eyes stuck open as he emerged.


Kimm Anderson,

Kimm Anderson,

John Castro, a cardiac surgeon at St. Cloud Hospital, said Johnson came into the hospital “an icicle,” with no cardiac activity. CPR had failed to restart his heart on the way to the hospital. “We hoped that being so cold would preserve his brain and organs,” he said. “Like frozen food.”

This a brief synopsis of the entire story and interview with Josh courtesy of St. Cloud Times. To read entire story and see the remarkable conclusion, visit

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