Fisherman Catches Extremely Rare Blue Lobster For Second Time In His Life; Odds 1 in 4 Trillion

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Image: Isle 95/Facebook

You may remember when two rare blue lobsters were caught earlier this year. Another one has surfaced, this time caught by Wayne Nickerson, owner and captain of the FV Windsong in Plymouth, MA, on August 8.

His wife posted a picture of the impressive catch to the Old Colony Memorial Facebook page on Monday. The post has been shared over 6,400 times.

Image: Jan Nickerson/Facebook

Though the odds of catching one of these lobsters is said to be 1 in 2 million, this is the second Nickerson has caught in his life his 35 years of lobstering. He caught his first over 26 years ago in 1990, which means he bested the odds of 1 in 4 trillion!

When asked about what became of the lobster, Jan responded on Facebook that “the lobster went to a nice cool tank so he wouldn’t die. He is fine…. healthy and happy.”


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