Fisherman Attacked And Killed By Shark As Friend Watches In Horror

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Image: Wikipedia

José Muendane could only look on in utter horror as he witness his friend, identified only as Julio, was brutally attacked and killed by a shark. The incident occurred while the pari were fishing off the coast of Maxixe in the Inhambane province of Mozambique.

Julio received fatal injuries to his abdomen and legs. He was transported to the morgue at Chicuque Rural Hospital once his body was recovered.

Mundane, suffering from a very understandable case of shock, says it will be incredibly difficult to return to fishing after witnessing his friend get killed in such a manner. However, without any alternative to fishing, he says he will have to do so.

Concern over shark attacks in the area is a growing concern within the entire community, as this is the second fatal attack in the area in a month.


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