Fish Market Buys 7-Foot 420lb Goliath Grouper that Took 7 Fishermen to Catch

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When the owners of Arndale Market in Manchester, England, realized they had the opportunity to buy the third largest goliath grouper ever caught, they didn’t hesitate to pay for the 420 pound, 7-foot-long fish.

The monster fish had been caught in the Indian Ocean and took seven fishermen to pull it aboard the boat.

The Arndale Market bought the fish for $1,265, believing the fish would generate enough interest to make them $6,340 when everything was said and done.

“I get offered a lot of exotic fish, but this was something else,” said fish wholesaler Emerson Taylor. “It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen and by far the biggest we’ve ever had.”

“It’s been a bit of a whirlwind as we only found we were getting it on Saturday,” fish market owner Anthony Griffin said.

The fishmongers expect the incredible size of the fish – it’s the third biggest goliath grouper to ever be caught – to draw a crowd.

The largest goliath grouper caught besides this one was 680 pounds and 436 pounds, caught in 1961 and 1985, respectively.

“It’s a particularly exotic fish so most people in the U.K. probably won’t be familiar with it. But it’s used in a really wide range of foods and we’re expecting a lot of demand from restaurants and different people.”

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