Firefighter And Policeman Catch $736,000 Tuna

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Everyone goes in to a fishing tournament wanting to be the one that takes home the big prize, but few actually end up with the monster fish and the massive check. A firefighter (Rich Kosztyu) and a policeman (Brian Suschke) went into the White Marlin Open in Ocean City, Maryland, with that hope and walked out winners with a 236.5 pound bigeye tuna worth $736,091.

The pair split the winnings with their friend and owner of the boat they used for the competition, Damien Romeo.

There aren’t many days out fishing that’ll let you come back with three-quarters of a million dollars, but that won’t keep me from the water any chance I get.

Their tuna edged one that was 233 pounds. First prize in the tournament, which carries prize money of more than $4.4 million, was $400,000 and the collected extra dough due to buy-ins and the blue-marlin pot, as the winning catch in that category was not entered in that category.

See the tuna at the 7:10 mark.

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