Fight to the Death! Sea Snake vs. Stonefish!

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The Syfy Channel has come up with some pretty interesting original films in recent years. Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus! Mega Python vs. Gatoroid! Dinocroc vs. Supergator!  And now, the most recent film, Sea Snake vs. Stonefish!

Wait, what’s that? The last one actually happened?

Well then. Ahem.

According to Daily Mail Australia, a local spearfishermen caught these two deadly sea creatures locked into the fight of their lives. While diving on a World War II wreck in Darwin Harbour, Australian spearfishing champion Rick Trippe spotted the fight of the century and pulled out his camera.

“With curiosity we motored over to find this massive thick sea snack close to two meters (6.6 feet) long, with a poisonous fish in its mouth,” he told Daily Mail Australia. “The fish had a great hold on the sea snake and both looked very sad. I’m not too sure I’ve ever seen a snake looking sad before.”


2BD10D3C00000578-0-image-a-18_1440979799261Hoping to cure their sadness – and keep the two creatures from potentially killing each other – Trippe grabbed the snake, pulled it aboard his boat, and separated the two adversaries. Successful, he tossed both back into the ocean.

Unfortunately, now bitter enemies, the two once again engaged in a battle where only one could walk swim away victorious!

Your winner? The sea snake!

However, Trippe believes the snake’s victory was short lived – both would have probably died from the other’s poison, he said.

In some battles, there is no victor.

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