The Fastest Bobcat Alive Dodges Tracer Rounds Without Breaking a Sweat

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It’s not exactly breaking news that most animals naturally have way better reflexes than humans – but this is ridiculous. This hunter has a bobcat perfectly lined up in his sights. Even thought it looks like the bobcat can see him, there’s surely no way it’ll manage to get out of this situation alive, right? Wrong. As soon as the guy takes the first shot, the bobcat quickly moves, causing the bullet to miss it.

It’d be easy to say that the cat dodging the bullet was simply luck. The cat must’ve just moved at the exact moment the gun fired, causing it to miss. Then the hunter fires again…and the SAME EXACT THING HAPPENS AGAIN! This is absolutely insane! Hopefully this Matrix cat doesn’t end up teaching its skills to any other creature in the animal kingdom, or we all may be in trouble.

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