Epic Post on Craigslist “50 Shades of Silver” for the Silver King That Got Away

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The one that got away. Every fisherman has one. An epic fish that took the bait, teased them and put up a fight, only to break free and swim off into the sunset.

This particular story of a silver king (Tarpon) that didn’t stick around for long goes to a Houston based Craigslist poster, who detailed their epic encounter to the missed connections section of the site.

Image: coolwaterphoto.com
Image: coolwaterphoto.com

Original Post:

I have traveled over a thousand miles for you. I left home in the darkness thinking I could cross your path. I saw you with a thousand of your friends as you rolled pass me all morning. You were stunning, a majestic leader, not a follower like your friends. Glistening in the sunrise as you tickled the schools of threadies. I tried to get closer. I picked the liveliest crab gracefully flung her in your direction, but you turned just and looked away. Your friends bumped my leader and laughed as you all disappeared over the sandbar. I’m sorry the bow rider got too close for comfort. They crashed the party and the show was over… the other guys in the pass said you fancied crustaceans but they failed to keep you hooked in the darkness.

My friends and I spent the morning searching for you again. Finally, we spotted you! You had left most of your friends but kept a few besties near by. You showed your face again. I got really excited because you looked at about 100 lbs and I was sure I’d be able to handle you.


Again, I offered you a crab and this time, to my amazement you accepted! High fives and cheers from my pals! I hung on tight as you slurped it up and rushed offshore. Do you always eat and run? Greyhounding and shaking what your momma gave you. My heart was full.

As you you played hard to get, my drag stayed screaming. Then suddenly you decided to head my way. Reeling fast as I could to tighten your line, you soared through the air. Using my best manners, I bowed several times to you as you continued to break the surface. I shouted back to my crew, “please tell me you got that shot!”.

Your friends kept you from me. They hollered back “girl let’s go” as I finessed you around the trolling motor. My girl KRT rooted me on. You must’ve changed your mind as you saw my ride. I thought the Maverick was a chick magnet. You held on to my crab and chased after your friends.

Our captain turned over our motor as we followed you to the beach. I dodged a crab trap and a swim buoy as you took us to shore. As you went left, I pulled you to my right. I knew this was too good to be true. As I got closer to you I saw my hook was not in an optimal place. We played tug of war for a bit. Our rendezvous was about to end. All I wanted was to grab you by your mouth and take a few pics with you to show my friends that I still got it.

Instead you stopped in your tracks, turned away again and gave me back my empty hook. My heart broke as my leader fell to the bottom.

I hope the crab was tasty. I only wish the best for you. As the summer moon approaches, I know you have to go. Just want to thank you for giving me a chance. Farewell my sweet silver king. I’ll be back next season for 50 more shades of silver.

Till next time..

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We’ve all been there and we’ve all been just as let down. Here’s to better luck next time and to setting the hook in a massive silver king.


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